Mary F.

I took individual and group lessons from Larry for the past 5 years on a regular basis. Group lessons usually averaged two to three hours and individual lessons usually for one hour and a half. We usually work on different strokes each session and I always enjoyed our sessions. Larry always asked if there is a particular stroke I want to work on before the session and we worked on improving a particular stroke through repetition and adjustments. He is always energetic and will rally the balls rather than just feeding the balls from the basket. I played competitive tennis in national senior tournaments in my age group and after working with Larry over the years I made great gains in rankings and won many more matches. Larry always summarize the things we work on at the end of the session as an reinforcement. He will follow up on the next session to see if I had a chance to implement the changes in matches or practice. He is also very helpful in terms of giving strategic advice for playing against different type of players. I would recommend Larry highly if you want to improve your game.