Why You Should Play Clay

Clay Court

If you are lucky enough to have access to a claycourt, you – yes YOU – should be playing on clay regularly.  Yes, the footing is different from playing on a hardcourt, but it’s just dirt – you won’t fall down!!

Here are some reasons why playing on clay is a good idea:

  1. The court is softer than hardcourt, making it much easier on your body.  Your body doesn’t take the constant pounding like it does on hardcourts.
  2. Because it’s easier on your body, playing on clay can extend your tennis playing career 5 to 10 years.
  3. The bounce of the ball on clay is “slower”, giving you more time to get to a ball and giving you more time to set up to hit it.
  4. Because you can get to more balls on clay (and so can your opponent), points tend to last a little longer, giving you more exercise.
  5. Because the points last a little longer, you will learn to be more patient during a point – not going for a winner too soon in a point.  You will learn to “work the point” and wait for opportunities to attack.
  6. Juniors – remember that almost every man and woman in the top 100 in the world on the pro tour grew up playing on clay.